Supported Programs

Inline with our goals we support a number of projects and community organizations through member participation and financial assistance:

  1.  The City of Flowers by the Bay helps beautify Annapolis.  If you are interested in keeping Annapolis beautiful, you may want to visit this site.
  2. The Maryland Native Plant Society  promotes awareness, appreciation, and conservation of Maryland’s native plants and their habitats.
  3.  The Boys and Girls Club of Annapolis focuses on young gardeners.
  4. The Hammond Harwood House is one of the premier colonial houses remaining in America from the British Colonial period.
  5. The Penny Pines program is a joint project of the National Garden Clubs and the Forest Service to replant indigenous trees  in areas that are damaged by fire or natural disasters.
  6.  Grow Annapolis  is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering and sustaining community gardens and urban agriculture programs.