Our members enjoy learning from each other and sharing experiences.  We enjoy activities that involve the entire group.  And we find that organizing into smaller groups with a focus also enhances our experience.  Our committees are the way we split into smaller, focused groups.  The committees described here are our standing committees and their Chairs for 2017-2019 term.  Details of Committee chair responsibilities are in the Committee Responsibilities section of this site.

Art Blooms Chair : Eva Kapitan
Awards Chair : Vacant
Conservation Chair : Amy Sibo
Horticulture Chair :  Kathy Antosek
Hammond Harwood House Chair : Vacant
Birds and Butterflies Chair : Kathy Antosek
Fundraising Chairs :  Tessie Ballard and Carol Miller
State Circle Wreathes Chair : Carolina Gough
Workshops Chair : Karen Wass
Christmas Decorating Chair : Ann Peterson
Web Administrator : Shahla Butler 
Membership Chair : Ann Connelly
Programs Chair : Shahla Butler & Carolina Gough
Photographer : TBD