Gardening & Conservation Tips

Bay-wise Certification Program and the Yard Stick (Shahla Butler)
General information on gardens and or problems (Aida Cipriani)
The Garden Conservancy (Aida Cipriani)
University of Maryland Extension Service Gardening Tips (Aida Cipriani)
Horticulture Society of Maryland National Gardening Association (Aida Cipriani)
Maryland Department of Natural Resources Carter Library & Information Resource Center (Aida Cipriani)
Help Save The Bees (Steve McDaniel)
Toxic Botulism in Animals linked to Roundup (Kathy Antosek)
Simple and Organic Things You can Do, this is humorous but extensive list and wonderful pictures of easy and effective gardening steps to take (Shahla Butler)
Horticulture Magazine, lots of good information and tips (Shahla Butler)
Maryland and Federal Environmental Laws , all the information you would ever want to know about environmental law in the state of Maryland.  Every tab has great info.  You can see what current legislation is and what the proposed changes are for this legislative session. (Aida Cipriani)
Gardening Resources, National Gardening (Kate Duffy)
Gardens for a Beautiful America – In the early 1900s, the photo pioneer Frances Benjamin Johnston turned her catalog of America’s finest gardens into a series of painstakingly hand-colored slides. After 70 years in obscurity, 250 of them are collected in “Gardens for a Beautiful America, 1895-1935 (Kate Duffy)
Incorporating Flowers In Your Life- This web site is sponsored by flower growers and dedicated to flower lovers, home decorators and hobbyists.(Shahla Butler)
Fall Planting for Wild Birds
Growing Tips for Successful Pepper Transplants – This article comes from Johnny’s Selected Seeds (Shahla Butler)
Best Food for Butterflies– A comprehensive document on Milkweed (Kate Duffy)
Types of Orchids (Shahla Butler)