We strive to be active and involved members of our community. We welcome new members who share our interests and who are willing to actively participate and contribute to our community.

Our Community
Our by-laws limit our membership to 50 active members, so that we can maintain a close knit community of folks who know and appreciate each other. However, life events inevitably require some of our members to leave or curtail their activities and become associate members (those of long standing who can no longer maintain active status for a variety of reasons). To add new members to our ranks we maintain a waiting list, and as we have openings, we welcome new members from our waiting list who satisfy our membership requirements.

Membership Requirements
Membership requirements are designed to ensure that new and existing members embrace each other and enjoy what we offer.  Our by-laws do require that a candidate for membership be sponsored by an active garden club member, since historically this has helped to maintain the close-knit nature of the group.  We realize that some prospective members find us right here on our website and may not know any of our members. Our Vice President of Membership will be your sponsor and introduce you to the membership.

Because we strive to maintain diversity among our members, no garden club member may recruit more than one prospective member per year.  Candidate-members must attend at least 2 regular garden club meetings as a guest to allow the members and the new prospective member to interact. We want prospective members to understand our community, our goals, our demands on member’s time, and the required commitment before they apply for membership.

Our current requirements for active members are that they must attend a minimum of 3 out of 7 regular meetings each year to maintain their active standing. During the year, we meet from September to June and have 7 regular meetings (in October and May we usually have field trips, instead of regular meetings and in June we have a fabulous picnic). The garden club participates in many horticultural, social, and community efforts each year, which we organize in the form of ad-hoc or standing committees.  Our active members must serve on our committees, be willing to hold office, and participate in at least two garden club activities each year.

A membership application form is available in the Members Only section of this site.  Please ask your sponsor to print it out or email it to you.  The form should be submitted to our Membership Chair.

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